Trevise Gives Back

The Trevise Douglas Education Empowers Campaign

The Trevise Douglas company, takes pride in giving back to the community, and we invite you to be a part of it! Our company’s first philanthropic initiative began in August 2018, through the Education Empowers Campaign. This ongoing campaign aims to help solve the global illiteracy problem. We began in Jamaica, Trevise’s home country, by partnering with local schools to offer school lunches, annual scholarships, build infrastructure, and improve program offerings.

As a young girl, Trevise experienced first-hand the dedication of teachers in Jamaica; they succeed in giving their students a strong educational grounding even as they struggle for basic resources. As a passionate educator herself with ten years of experience in inner-city Baltimore, Trevise has witnessed how nutritious food, adequate tools, training and technology can empower teachers to bring students’ aspirations to life. This is why the Education Empowers Campaign is so dear to her heart. Please help spread the word about our campaign for literacy! As our community of giving grows, so does our ability to give life to young people’s dreams.

Golden Grove Basic School - (St.Ann Jamaica)

Featured in the picture above is Mrs. Pamella Gordon, Trevise's former elementary school principal. She helped shape Trevise's values of hard work and love for knowledge. Mrs. Gordon was a well-loved and dedicated principal, who served as the principal of the Golden Grove Basic School for over 40 years until her retirement in 2019.

Size Guide

Size Chart

We created the chart below to help you choose the perfect-fitting jewelry.

These charts are available for you to print. Should you have any questions, our Customer Care Specialists will be glad to assist you. Please email us at

Ring Size Chart

To determine your ring size, measure your finger at the end of the day when it is neither hot nor cold.

Measure the finger of the hand on which you intend to wear the ring.  Wrap a strip of paper around the finger, ensuring that you leave enough room to slide the ring over your knuckle.

Mark the spot where the paper strip meets and use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters (mm).  This is the circumference of your finger, which corresponds to EU ring sizing.


Choose your ring size based on the chart below.  If you are between sizes, opt for the larger size.
To determine your ring size using a ring you already own, PRINT THE SIZE CHART.
Ring Chart
Women's Ring Size
2 1/2 43 mm
3 44.2 mm
3 1/2 45.5 mm
4 46.8 mm
4 1/2 48 mm
5 49.3 mm
5 1/2 50.6 mm
6 51.9 mm
6 1/2 53.1 mm
7 54.4 mm
7 1/2 55.7 mm
8 57 mm
8 1/2 58.3 mm
9 59.5 mm
9 1/2 60.8 mm
10  mm
Bracelet Size Chart
Compare your wrist measurement to the chart below, and choose the corresponding bracelet size. To determine your wrist measurement, PRINT THE SIZE CHART.
Women’s Bracelets & Cuffs Size
Actual Wrist Measurements Bracelet Size
4 5/8 — 5’’ X-Small
5 1/8 — 5 1/2’’ Small
5 5/8 — 6’’ Medium
6 1/8 — 6 1/2’’ Large
6 5/8 — 7’’ X-Large
7 1/8 — 7 1/2’’ 2X-Large
7 5/8 — 8’’ 3X-Large

Women's Bangles Size
Width of Fist Bangle Size
2 1/4’’ Small
2 1/2’’ Medium
2 3/4’’ Large